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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unluckiest- or luckiest guy ever!

I can't decide if getting hit by lightening twice in less than a minute- and surviving means you are the luckiest or unluckiest bastard ever. Either way, this had to leave him with the mother of all headaches!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday evening and I'm tired-

We had a beautiful Easter church service this morning that was as nice as any Easter service I've ever attended. For the first time in several years our church bell was rung at the end of the service! Ringing that bell and letting the community know that St Peters is alive and welcoming has been a priority for me for several months now. After a bit of high altitude maintenance this week, it works and I rang it for all the world to hear!

I finally got the grass mowed here at Wasted Electrons World headquarters this afternoon! The weather and my other obligations have really conspired against my efforts to keep the grass under control and I finally got some hours and dry weather today. The front yard was so bad I had to mow it twice! But it's done and in spite of the Muse of Murray's reluctance to awake from winter slumber. Now I just have to get busy with some additional sprinkler work... I purchased a big bag of bulbs for the spousal unit to be installed shortly in an unwatered flower bed, so before we can plant, I have to pipe in some irrigation. I suppose that will keep me busy in a day or two!

And, in spite of my very best efforts, I'm still unemployed...

I nominate this for the weirdest picture on the internet-

wtf photos videos - Did You Ever Rock An Accordion So Hard That...
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

President Obama can kiss my carbon footprint!

So yesterday was Earth Day and Barry found it neccesary to issue a 2 page statement to highlight our country's efforts and needs to save the planet- all while burning 53,000 gallons of jet fuel plus gasoline for a 30 car motorcade during a 3 day fund raising trip.

Barry needs to shut the hell up about us common folk trading in our full sized vehicles for better mileage compacts! If he wants to prove he is serious about preserving the planet and America's demand for fuel, he needs to install one of those high tech big screens in his office that he was whining about not having last week and implement his fund raising through online conferencing!

Show us that you're serious Mr. President and stay home! Do your fund raising over the internet with video conference technology and I'll begin to believe you are serious about saving the planet! Until then, just be quiet!

In honor of Easter weekend-

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Missed it by that much...

Drove into Salt Lake today to see the boy and on the way back, through a blinding snowstorm, stopped in Centerville for lunch. Minutes after getting off the highway, this 17 car accident was taking place where I had just passed through. By the time I ate a burger at the In & Out Burger joint and got back onto the interstate, it was pretty clear that the highway was closed behind the northbound on ramp.

Sure glad I was on the front side of that accident! Now if the dang snow would just stop falling so spring can get underway things will be great! It has been snowing nearly non-stop for 3 days and I am quite ready for it to stop!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Worst movie ever!

Since the BSU is still away and I was pretty certain she wouldn't like it, I went to see Your Highness tonight. I'm not going to link to it because it's not worth it. If you're 20, maybe 25, this money might be funny and a good tale. If you are older than that, you're probably not going to love it.

I watched it and tried to enjoy the tale of knights on a quest to save the betrothed of one of the 2 brothers, one knight strong and honorable, the other a bumbler and layabout but I just didn't like it. It's vulgar and rude. It has pretty women in it- that's the only positive but the rest of the movie is trash1

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama is awesome-

You're going to have to watch this video to find out why everything Barry does is right and awesome and why Bush was an idiot. It's pretty funny.

Hat tip to Tam for sharing where I would find it.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Of women and haircare-

I love my BSU, make no mistake about it. I love most women for that matter but that's not important here. As some of you may know, the BSU is visiting her sisters and homeland of rainy, damp Oregon right now. As has been her habit for decades, preparations for a trip to Oregon requires that she go to the hair fixin place to get a permanent in her hair.

Now as I understand permanents, they are intended to make one's hair curly. The BSU insists that she doesn't pay for a "curly" perm but rather a "body" perm. Over the years these trips to the stylist's shop have generally involved much sobbing and fretting after the fact and the money's spent but the level of emotion has generally subsided over the past years. No matter, it's always a difficult time here at Wasted Electrons World Headquarters when the curliness of the spouse's locks are involved.

This time wasn't much different but it did involve a level of hilarity that I just couldn't pass up mentioning. As usual, a week before her departure she went and spent real money on a "body" perm then fussed over it everyday before she left. The night before her departure, she had a small shopping list of neccesities that they apparently don't sell in the People's Socialist Republik of Oregon and we had to go out. One of the things she needed was conditioner for her hair. Fine, we'll buy conditioner. Turns out though, she needed 2 different kinds of conditioner- 1 to rinse out and another to leave it after using the rinse out type...

Then, as if 2 kinds of conditioner weren't enough contaminants dumped on her cranium, she wanted to go back to the scene of the crime where the body permanent had been inflicted to buy another product that is guaranteed to add curl to her locks! She didn't want curl when she paid for the treatment but now she wants to pay for stuff that will add curl! I did the math, this tube of miracle curl is over $300 per gallon!

I told her before she left that she shouldn't be very surprised if the combination of all these chemicals, applied repeatedly to her hair doesn't spontaneously erupt in flames! And what if she confuses them, rinsing out the "leave in" conditioner and leaves on the "rinse out" model? What then, purple hair?

Sometimes it is just so good to be a guy!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring is here and I'm grounded...

Hooverdamm! Yesterday morning, the very first thing, I managed to throw my back out- gain. It was going to be a beautiful spring day and I was going to get Sleek Black Beauty out of the workshop and inspected for a new registration sticker but that was not to be. I spent the day taking pain relievers and muscle relaxers and wearing a heat wrap on my back. I napped most of the afternoon and went to bed plenty early.

Today hasn't been a bit more exciting... At least it's raining outside again and forecast for the next couple days so maybe my enforced rest won't feel like I'm wasting good days of spring.